Most women have always been dissatisfied with their breasts and have been looking for methods to add a few millimeters to their assets ever since civilization began. This explains the plethora of breast enlargement products thronging the market at all times. Quite decidedly, one of the most prominent and used product in this array is the breast enlargement pill.


The Promise of the Pill

They are not a modern invention – they have been known to be around since centuries. In ancient Indian and Greek traditions, women have been known to be using such products as far back as three millennia ago. Today’s breast enlargement pills are just improvisations of the products that have maintained their popularity since so many centuries.

The ingredients of these pills are always natural substances that are known to stimulate the growth of the mammary tissue, or the adipose tissue. The following is a list of the main ingredients of these pills, which is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • brestrogen-faq-lady-2.pngFenugreek
  • Fennel seeds
  • Dong Quai
  • Blessed thistle
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Dandelion root
  • Damiana
  • Mexican Wild Yam

The female breast is nothing but an aggregation of adipose tissue covered in a layer of skin, terminated at the nipple and the areola. Since the major bulk of the breast is the adipose tissue, a stimulant of this tissue will definitely bring about a direct increase in the size of the bust.

A pill made in the proper proportion of the above ingredients will definitely show results. In fact, the ancient Indian science of the herbs – Ayurveda – devotes special attention to enhancing the busts of the female. All the ingredients mentioned above are ascribed by Ayurveda.

Why is the Breast Enlargement Pill So Successful?

If you just conduct a random search on the internet, you will be surprised at the number of websites that market them. This itself is an indicator of the immense popularity this pill enjoys. Part of the popularity is owing to its natural method of treatment, which most women (erroneously) think is without any side-effects. Women find the pill very convenient to put into their handbags, and pop them in their mouth on schedule, without anyone being the wiser about it. Hence, women enjoy the fact that they are keeping their little secret about their tryst with breast enlargement.
A major part of women who prefer them are just scared of the breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement pills are much more harmless and convenient than any invasive method of augmentation, such as breast implants. This makes all women curious about enlarging their breasts try the pill at least initially.
And, we can definitely not ignore the fact that they are popular because they sometimes actually work! That is true enough, but it is not true all the breast enlargement pills that you see in the market. Hence, it is better to buy a tried and tested genuine product, especially if some other user happens to recommend that to you.
The Bane of the Pill

There would have been no debate about the breast enlargement pill at all if it the picture was so rosy all the way. Sadly, that is not so. There is a very negative repercussion attached to the breast enlargement pill. That is to say, faultily composed breast enlargement pills can tamper permanently with the hormonal balance of the woman. Come to think of it, how do breast enlargement pills actually work?

They do so by stimulating the adipose, which is achieved by triggering over production of estrogen – the female hormone responsible for the growth of breasts. Increasing the level of one hormone will indeed reduce the concentrations of the other hormones, and that could cause lasting problems with the body.
Women become addicted to the pill. In fact, manufacturers always indicate that the pill must never be stopped abruptly; it must be continued even after the breasts have reached the desirable size, if at all they do so. This means, the pills will continue playing with the hormones throughout the life of the woman. Seriously speaking, this is a huge price to pay just to add a few inches on your bust.

Breast Enlargement Pills and Supplementary Methods

Most breast enlargement pill manufacturers suggest the use of breast enlargement creams, lotions or sprays to be used in conjunction with their pills. They assert that doing so will increase the enlargement process. This means, the pills are not effective by themselves; but require a whole product range to work. This is sometimes also a ploy by the manufacturers to get more of their products sold.

In conclusion, the ingredients of breast enlargement pills in themselves are not harmful; actually most of the products are edible which are used in the routine diet of the person. But these pills if composed wrongly, they can bring huge problems such as a faulty hormonal level in the body. So before going for breast enlargement pills, you must assure yourself whether the product is genuine – you can get them tested with your physician.